Friday, January 15, 2016

A parenting couple, who wish to remain anonymous and to be known as Jay and Sarah, made a discovery in their child's bedroom that shook them to the core. Now they want to the whole world to be warned.
It all began when their 3 year old son told them that he heard strange voices, which spoke with him in the night. At first the parents just thought it had been a dream or lively fantasy.
But one evening as Jay entered the room of his sleeping son, the blood in his veins nearly froze as he heard a voice say "wake up little one, your daddy's looking for you."
As he called to Sarah, the voice said "See, someone is coming". They couldn't find where the voice was coming from at first, but then: the baby monitor! They noticed that the monitor's mobile camera followed them. Then it became clear what had happened.
The baby monitor had been hacked by a stranger and was being controlled by someone's computer or smart phone. The high tech baby monitors today are often complete monitoring systems with sound and video transmission functions and therefore often controlled via the internet, which is precisely the danger.
Nobody knows exactly what the hacking was doing with Sarah and Jay's son. Did he just scare him? Did he take photos? It is a stranger or someone the child knows? After receiving the shock of their lives, the couple want everyone to be warned and to know what they could come up against:
hacking can only be avoided when one is particularly careful with the passwords and keeps up to date with the security updates. The baby monitor should never have the same password as the wifi - and the password should be complicated and difficult to guess. Many people use the first or last name of their children or partner as the password, or even just "1234" or "abcd". These passwords need to be changed immediately, because they're a creating a hole in your security. In addition, the baby monitor software and the wifi router should always be up to date. 
Here is a TV report about this topic:
If you are not familiar with the tech, you should always consult an expert for advice because you do not know who is watching. It is not always as obvious, as in Jay and Sarah case, that the camera has been hacked. Therefore, it is important to SHARE this article and let everyone protect their home and children from strangers.