Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sometimes boldness pays off, and a daring sense of adventure can lead to unforeseen successes. However, there are other times when you should maybe just listen to that cautionary little voice in your head. 
If you're dealing with law enforcement? It should probably be the latter. 
Last week, Saudi Arabian customs' official Twitter account released photos of a man who attempted to smuggle 14 bottles of liquor from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia in his underwear. 
A daring move, considering Saudi Arabia strongly enforces alcohol prohibition. 
To the public, the traveler appeared to be wearing a simple white thobe, which is a traditional robe. 
However, airport officials apprehended the man and discovered that there were bottles taped to the man's lower legs, as well as his upper thighs. The larger bottles appeared to be tucked into his underwear to prevent them from sticking out. 
How on earth does one even walk like this, let alone pass through customs? How was he planning to even sit down once he got on the plane? Was he just waddling the entire time, hoping that no one noticed the sloshing noises coming from under his robes?  
The man likely faces a pretty stiff punishment, such as a public flogging or detention period. 
So please allow this to be a cautionary tale: do not fuck around with the alcohol ban in Saudi Arabia and attempt to pull off a Looney Tunes-style smuggling. It will not go well for you. 
Also, maybe never apply packing tape directly to your leg hair, as that is a punishment in itself. (h/t BuzzFeed)