Monday, January 4, 2016


Earwax is known to be a dirt inside the ear that needs to be removed. But according to science, earwax helps blocks the dirt, dust and other bacteria that could possibly harm the ear inside.
They say using Q-tips and cotton buds could help clean the ear but it does not. It only pushes the dirt further into the ear canal.
At times, it can lead to unpleasant problems such as headaches, sinus problems, ear pain, hearing problems, and sometimes, dizziness.
Dr. David Hill an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Expert. The perfect remedy to remove earwax could be found inside your home. All you need is a vinegar and rubbing alcohol.
   -Make a mixture of vinegar and a little alcohol and apply a few drops of the resulting mixture in the ear. Once you apply the drops you need to tilt the head to the opposite side for a minute. Then return the head to its normal position and the wax will flow out of the ear.
This natural remedy will certainly help you and your ears will be clean and the pain will disappear.