Saturday, January 23, 2016

After a long day, Ivan Razumov from Belarus, was enjoying the twilight while driving home. Everything seemed to be going along normally, when he suddenly saw a little girl with a dog running along the highway.  
The scene looked a bit strange and even scary to him - adults don’t even normally walk along the highway, not to mention little kids. Ivan stopped the car and walked towards the girl. The little child was wearing old, dirty cloths, had a dirty face, unkept hair, worn out shoes, and scared look in her eyes. A look that little children don’t usually have. She was about 4 years old.

"Whats is your name?" asked Ivan, when the little girl’s dog started angry growling at him. "Zhenya…Fedorovich… Vladimirovna", came in unsecure answer. It gradually became clear that by this stage the girl had already been running for 15 km. The little girl wanted ice cream so much that she was hurrying to the next village: there was no food at home, and Zhenya’s parents were to drunk to take care of her. 
"I've been running for a long time… My legs are hurting… And my hands… I fell", the exhausted little girl told Ivan, and showed him her broken arm. Shocked by what he had seen, the man gave her some water and phoned social services, who immediately took the little one to the hospital. 
After going to Zhenya’s home to speak with her parents, the social workers were stunned. There was nothing and nobody to talk to - her mum was asleep on the floor, and her dad on the table. Both were so drunk that they simply didn't react to the presence of unknown people in their house. 
At the hospital the little girl recovered very quickly. Zhenya was a very nice, cheerful, and curious girl. 
Ivan Razumov, who found the girl on the highway, still takes an interest and checks on her regularly. In summer he visited Zhenya in hospital. "I was waiting for you", said the little girl sweetly. Ivan admitted that he wanted adopt the little one, if her father and mother got denied the privilege: "Im ready to do it right now. I just have to discuss this with the family".
If not for Ivan, the story of Zhenya Fedorovich Vladimirovna, would most likely have turned into a tragedy. The most shocking thing is that for several hours thousands of cars passed by, and not one of them stopped for Zhenya.
And the cruel attitude of some parents towards their children paints a scary picture for the future of our society. Is ignorance and indifference becoming so prevalent among people today?
What happened to Zhenya really deserves to be spread, because her story is not an isolated case. Children are our future and they deserve a much better life. Share this story with all your friends!