Thursday, January 28, 2016

What a chore it is to try and get a baby dressed!

Now multiply that chore by two, and throw a Dad in the mix and you have for one very challenging situation which turns hilarious. These guys are wiggling little munchkins! It’s amazing how much squirming, wiggling and flailing around that babies do. Dad has the challenge here of minimizing the wiggling action and expediting the dressing process.
It’s quite the challenge! One Dad, two ten-month-old twins. As one is about to get suited up, the other begins the squirm routine. And this back and forth goes on and on – will he ever get these kids dressed? It’s looking questionable, but in the end, somehow, Dad does prevail! And now he probably wants to dress himself up in his own pajamas and hit the sack! This guy must be exhausted!