Friday, January 8, 2016

You may have noticed how much dogs love peanut butter.
It seems this would be an easy, inexpensive and all natural treat for your canine, right? As well as a sneaky way to insert dog meds into. Well it turns out a new kind of peanut butter is on the market which is replacing sugar with a substitute which is actually deadly to dogs. It’s called “xylitol”.
Here are the current brands which contain the ingredient, xylitol:
1.Go Nuts, Co.
2.Hank’s Protein Plus Peanut Butter
3.Krush Nutrition
4.Nuts ‘N More
These are considered specialty peanut butters, but nevertheless they contain xylitol and should be avoided at all costs in regards to using as a dog treat. You should always look at all peanut butter labels to make sure this ingredient doesn’t exist if you have a dog in the house.
So what exactly is Xylitol?
This is a sugar substitute which has garnered a lot of popularity due to the dental benefits it has. It’s also been used with people who have diabetes as a substitute for sugar. It has cavity preventing properties and a low glycemic index making it good for tooth decay prevention and benefits for health overall. But, while it’s safe for humans, it can be dangerous for dogs even in small amounts.