Saturday, January 30, 2016

We often don’t see where our food comes from.

If we did, there would likely be a lot more vegetarians out there. There’s a humane way to produce food, and a not-so-humane way that often involves straight up animal suffering. Case in point is free-range eggs and cage-free eggs. Here are the difference between caged and cage-free, and what free-range refers to.
Caged: Chickens are forced into small cages. They cannot move and are treated as machines.
Cage-free: The chickens are uncaged and able to freely roam a barn or other facility, but they generally don’t have access to the outdoors.
Free-range: Indicates the hens are cage-free and have some access to the outdoors.
So even if you see “cage-free” this still doesn’t mean the conditions aren’t disgusting. Truly free-range chickens on the other hand is like night and day, as you are about to see.
These chickens are free-range, healthy, and happy. (Isn’t it just how it should look?)

These chickens are free-range, healthy, and happy. (Isn’t it just how it should look?)

Here’s what it looks like when the chickens we eat are caged… (Warning: The following video contains graphic content.)

Obviously the difference is startling. You always want to try to buy free-range eggs. Cage-free would be second choice. Not only is it a much healthier option, but if enough people invested in doing this, then the disgusting practice of animal suffering would end. Share this with everyone you know to spread awareness.