Thursday, January 7, 2016

What's the stupidest that can be done at high temperatures with a dog? Leaving him alone in the car.
But a man in Salzburg is fighting against this trend. Rabie Hijazi owns Restaurant Hayat and he knows this problem all too well. Dogs are often left in the car so that their owners can "grab something quickly."
Facebook / Rabie Hijazi
But Rabie is a big dog fan, and he has been thinking about what he could do in such cases. Especially, after hearing that a dog died in a car because its owner went shopping at IKEA.
Youtube / Live Leak
And then he had a bright idea. He stuck this sign in the entrance area of his restaurant and solved with this so simple but important gesture of enthusiasm and understanding. It reads:
Dear Guest,
Please don't leave your dog in the car in these temperatures just to grab something to eat quickly. Bring your dog with you. We have a big terrace with a sandbox, and man's best friend can drink as much water with us as he wants.
Your Hayat Team.

Rabies's photo was liked on Facebook already more than 45,000 times. If you also found his act and wonderful invitation great, then share these words with all that you know. Because especially in summer, it is important to be careful to our animal friends.