Thursday, January 7, 2016


If you like coloring, now you have 7 more reasons to do it!
1. You improve your concentration.
Living in anxiety isn’t easy. Our concentration is often incredibly split between work, home, electronics etc. When you sit down and focus on one thing, like coloring, it improves your ability to focus elsewhere.
2. You unfold your inner creativity.
Coloring inside or outside the lines does wonders to unleash your inner creativity. Adults who color are more likely to approach problems more creatively and find better and faster solutions.
3. Your brain treats it like meditation.
When you color, your brain has the same reaction as when you meditate.
4. You can chill out anywhere any time.
Bored on a flight? Color. Feeling stressed? Color. Nothing to do at home? Color. It’s wonderful. You can do it almost wherever and whenever you want.
5. You improve your motor skills.
All that coloring inside of the lines improves hand-eye coordination and your overall motor skills.
6. You release negative thoughts.
When you color, you focus on what you’re doing and you just sort of naturally release a lot of tension and accumulated negative thinking.
7. You’ll decrease your anxiety and stress.
Coloring is the ultimate anxiety and stress relief. Spending a half hour coloring instantly helps you released from this bad duo.