Thursday, December 10, 2015

What would you do if you were diagnosed with advanced terminal lung cancer that our modern society has no cure for? Some people that have been given a diagnosis similar to this have had the wherewithal to seek out and obtain cannabis oil, which has mounting evidence that it help with treating diseases. Yet this brings up yet another question. What if the country you live in doesn’t support medical marijuana? Australia is one of these countries.
Luckily the United States has had multiple states approving the use of medical marijuana, making it easier for their populous to receive the benefits of medical marijuana. Yet it took great persistence and tenacity of this inspirational woman, she was able to obtain and use cannabis to heal herself. After receiving her pretty much death sentence of just 6 months, Sharon’s daughter suggested that she look into the benefits of cannabis use.
This amazing woman, through extreme perseverance, she was able to cure her stage 4 lung cancer just within 3 months of using a special way of utilizing a new found technique for cannabis oil and was even able to post an outspoken youtube testimonial about her success.
Despite all use of cannabis is illegal in Australia, she and her family both appeared in her youtube testimonial and really stuck their necks out. Luckily their video has gone viral now, to show just how amazing the benefits of cannabis use. This woman and her family chose not to disclose any of their names in the video as to help protect those involved. I have chosen to respect their wishes in the video and honor them by not using their names as well.
She was diagnosed with small cell lung carcinoma at the beginning of 2014, after several different attempts to get a biopsy to determine the exact extent of the masses. The verdict was definitely disheartening for her and her family.
Her oncologist told her that undergoing chemo would only be able to prolong her life for just a few more months and radiation therapy would not be possible in her case, and all that would leave her in a considerably less than optimum quality of life. She and her husband got to work on scouring the internet and were able to find a few different cannabis groups, mostly housed in the United States, and was able to obtain what information they could come across about how to make this miracle oil.
Almost as soon as she started to use this new treatment, she then realized that working her way up to a gram of cannabis oil a day was way beyond her capacity. For cannabis oil to cure cancer, it requires an extremely high about of THC. The psychotropic effects of THC started to overwhelm her even before she was able to get even close to the proper amount of cannabis oil for healing her cancer.

They may have looked into different solutions, but maybe not. They were able to come up with a great solution, and it was simply mixing a half gram of coconut oil with half a gram of cannabis into a syringe. It was then injected rectally and repeated this twice a day to get to the full gram a day for the cancer killing effects of the cannabis oil to take effect. Taking the cannabis oil mixture rectally allowed her to administer the cannabis without the psychotropic effects that you would normally get if you smoked, vape, or ingesting it.
When you look at the facts about smoking, taking the cannabis oil rectally would be a healthier alternative. Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt from Holistic Mamas health site has an excerpt from his book The healing Intelligence of Essential Oils:
Essential oils absorbed into the abdominal veins bypass the liver…they are fed directly into the heart-lung circulatory system without first being subjected to biotransformation by the liver detoxification enzyme system. Consequently, they reach the lower bronchial capillaries in their original lipophilic and volatile state, still capable of eliminating pathogenic microorganisms and dissolving and expectorating mucus.
The method of rectally administering medicine has been used by traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. Yes i understand it is a highly strange method of taking medicine, but not really new to the world.
Below is a video of the leading lady for this article:

Below is a video about the original Rick Simpson Oil. The video helps to explain how you can create a version of this wonderful cannabis oil mixture yourself.