Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last week during the Thanksgiving Celebrations, Branden Bingham and his family were outside enjoying the snow, near their cabin in Bear Lake, Utah. About a foot of snow had fallen in just a few hours and they'd taken the opportunity to play. Little did they know what was about to happen.
Branden's oldest son suddenly tripped over something buried in the snow. That's when the family discovered what appeared to be a frozen cat. As they looked a bit closer it became clear that this kitten had no pulse, no heartbeat and was not breathing, but it was not dead!
Justin, Branden's younger brother quickly picked up the kitten and ran inside to the fireplace, where he immediately began giving the kitten CPR. Justin had taken a few veterinary classes at the Brigham Young University of Utah. 
Justin worked on the baby kitten for over an hour in front of the fireplace. Things were not looking good. "Maybe he's gone", said Justin. It was just a few moments later, that the lucky kitten began to respond. Justin was known as the Cat Whisperer for the rest of Thanksgiving. 
"Instead of sad and somber Thanksgiving, the kids were able to witness an early Christmas miracle" said Branden.
The kitten, now appropriately name Lazarus, slowly gained strength and an appetite. Over an hour he managed to eat some tuna. The whole Bingham family had gathered around, wanting to spend time with the gorgeous new family member. 
In the end, it was Branden's cousin who adopted Lazarus and he now lives comfortably in Logan, Utah, having had all the necessary vaccinations. 
Branden managed to capture the wonderful feat on camera, and you can watch it here:
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