Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On one morning during the Christmas period, this mother hurriedly dressed her son in a brand new Christmas sweater, without even glancing at it. But as she picked him up from school later that day, his teacher had a few stern words to say.The article of clothing is not appropriate and her son may not wear it again to class. It was then that the mother first noticed, what the little man embroidered on her son's chest was doing:
A Santa Claus was wee-ing the words "Merry Christmas" in the snow! Admittedly I have to say, I had to look twice before I noticed this. The teacher however, saw it straight away and found it inappropriate for school, but the other children probably got a big bang out of it! Just like thousands of people who have laughed about this snapshot, the mother has since posted the pic online. Spread this risqué Christmas greeting and share the story with all of your friends!