Friday, December 4, 2015

Tommitrise Collins from Macon, Georgia just turn 21 when she became pregnant with her daughter Tyler Elise. She is overjoyed even though she ended the relationship with her partner and she knows, that she'll have to raise her baby alone. The young woman wants to be an example for her child. And so she begins during Tyler's birth!
Facebook/Tommitrise Collins
Although the young student had pain spasms every 3 minutes, she wouldn't shut her laptop, because she was doing an online psychology test. Like a normal test, the online-exam only takes place once at a specific time, and if she doesn't want to fail, then she has no choice but to do it now. Tommitrise wants a university degree and needs the grades from this test to do so. So, with her incredible willpower she tries to push the pain aside and complete the test. The photo that the nurse took of her during the birth, has gone crazy around the world. 
Facebook/Shanell Brinkley-Chapman
This is an unprecedented picture for so many problems in today's world. "Just because I'm a young mother, it doesn't mean that I am a bad mother", says Tommitrise.
Young women can manage anything with a baby given the right willpower. Even a high grade, like the 21 year old proved. With her graduation in the bag, she happily getting to know her baby, and spending time with her. 
Facebook/Tommitrise Collins
So impressive, how much strength this 21 year old woman has. She will be a fantastic example for her daughter, and she achieved everything because of her determination, which is clearly visible in this photo. SHARE this if you agree, that this is a good example of the best upbringing.