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Know About Sebaceous Cyst

Sebaceous glands are actually the sweat glands and they appear as a bump under your skin. They appear mostly unexpectedly and go away just by themselves. This type of cyst is also known as Epidermoid cyst or keratin cyst and it develops when the sebaceous glands get obstructed by a keratin protein from the skin. They contain yellowish oily liquid that has a pungent aroma. They can occur at almost any part of the body, excluding the inner side of the palms and the feet soles. They can vary in size and, what is most important, they are not cancerous. They are often the result of a swelling in the hair follicle. Many factors can contribute to the occurrence of sebaceous cysts, and some of them are given below.
Home Remedies For Sebaceous Cyst

Causes of sebaceous cysts

Some abnormalities in the body and the metabolism can lead to skin cysts, and some of the key causes of sebaceous cysts are:
  • skin trauma
  • blockage of the sebaceous or sweat glands
  • frequent waxing or shaving of hair
  • too much sun exposure
  • excessive production of testosterone, the male hormone
  • acne on the skin make it sustainable to sebaceous cysts
  • excess production of sebum or sweat
  • hair follicles swelling

Symptoms of sebaceous cysts

The sebaceous cysts are connected to different symptoms. The most common of them are:
  • skin soreness
  • painless bumps under the skin
  • warmness of the skin in the affected area
  • redness of the skin in the affected area
  • the cyst collects pungent and oily material that smells
  • the cysts can be of different size, from ¼ inches to 2 inches in diameter

Home remedies for sebaceous cysts

the main problem the sebaceous cysts cause is of aesthetic nature. They are usually visible and look ugly. You should never squeeze or pop them because that way you increase the risk of infections and the healing process is going to become painful and prolonged. The best way to treat the sebaceous cysts is by preparing home remedies, and here is a list of several efficient home remedies.

1. Apple cider vinegar

this is one of the simplest and one of the most available home remedies for treating sebaceous cysts. You should simply apply some apple cider vinegar directly on the cyst. Then, it is recommended that you cover it with a bandage or a clean cloth for three to four days and then remove it. You will then discover that the layer left on the cyst is hard skin, which you can remove and release the liquid accumulated in the cyst. After cleaning the cyst, put on a new bandage and leave it for 2-3 more days.

2. Epsom salt

This salt can help you in preventing the infection because it is good in killing bacteria that have caused the infection in the first place. Put some Epsom salt in the bath tub and then fill it with water and take a bath in there and you will cure the sebaceous cysts.

3. Tea tree oil

this oil is highly efficient when it comes to treating sebaceous cysts. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial features, and thus helps in the healing process of many skin conditions, such as pimples, acne, fungal skin infections etc.
method 1:
you can apply this oil directly on the sebaceous cyst, two to three times a day until the cyst is gone.
Method 2:
You can mix the tea tree oil with some water and dilute it, in the ratio 1:9. apply the diluted oil on the cyst three times a day and you will get rid of the sebaceous cyst.

4. Aloe Vera

This herb is a natural solution to many skin issues. It is very beneficial thanks to its healing and pain relieving effects, as well as to those that soothe the skin.
Method 1:
You can apply some fresh gel made of Aloe Vera directly on the cyst, three to four times a day and relieve the irritation and pain that the cyst causes.
Method 2:
You can consume the juice made from Aloe Vera on a daily basis and remove all body impurities, including sebaceous cysts. It will also help you prevent some skin infections, and it will maintain your body cool.

5. Honey

honey has been used for centuries for healing wounds and burns and other skin issues. It can be used topically for treating sebaceous cysts as well.
Method 1:
You can make a poultice if you blend together some honey and wheat grass in a blender. Then, apply this poultice on the sebaceous cyst and cover it with a clean cloth. It is recommended that you do this at night and leave it overnight so that you get the best and the quickest results.
Method 2:
Take a ripe banana and blend it in a blender, adding some honey to it. When you get the paste, apply it on the cyst and you will cure the sebaceous cyst. If you want to have the results sooner, you should leave this paste work overnight.

6. Turmeric

this beneficial herb is also great for treating sebaceous cysts. You can improve your digestion and purify your blood if you consume this spice orally, and if you use it topically, you can treat bacterial infections. You can use it for treating sebaceous cysts, whether you use it internally or topically.
Method 1:
You can make a paste from the powder if you add some water or honey to it, and then apply it on the sebaceous cyst topically. In several days, you will notice the results and see your cysts are gone.
Method 2:
mix a half of teaspoon of turmeric powder with a cup of warm milk and drink this mixture every day for ten days. You will have your blood purified and your digestion improved, thus you will also reduce your chances of dealing with sebaceous cysts in future as well.

7. Castor oil

if you apply castor oil on the sebaceous cysts, you will relieve the itching and you will accelerate the healing process. Take a piece of cotton or a cloth, soak it in castor oil and then place it over the cyst. Then, take a bag of hot water and place it over the cotton or over the cloth, in order to give it a hot compress. Thanks to the heat from the water, you will heat the oil and thus you will shrink the cyst.
Note: castor oil is not used internally when it comes to treating sebaceous cysts.

8. Clay tablet

many skin issues are the result of improper digestion, and that is why taking clay tablets can help in solving a great deal of them. Taking these tablets helps in removing the impurities in the system of digestion and it boosts the metabolism. When you start taking these tablets, you will see improvements in the cyst condition. Namely, the cysts are going to begin shrinking and soon they will be completely gone.

9. Witch hazel

this is a plant with many astringent features that help in cleaning the skin and improving its health. It contains tannins, which remove the excess oil from the skin and thus prevents blockage of the sebaceous glands that actually leads to cysts formation. Take some hazel gel or cream and apply it on the cyst. Let it for few hours in order for the skin to soak in it, and repeat this procedure for a couple of days until the cyst is gone.

10. Anti – Fungal creams

there are anti-fungal creams which are efficient in removing sebaceous cysts. You just need to apply them on the cyst and cover the cyst with a bandage or the like. Leave the cream work overnight and you will notice that the itching, the pain and the inflammation have become reduced.

11. Hot compress

this is a home remedy that is pretty efficient in removing sebaceous cysts. You should put hot compress on the cyst and make sure it drains out the oily liquid fro it, thus accelerate the healing process. For best results, put medium hot compress, because you do not want to damage your skin if the compress is too hot.

12. Dandelion and viola herbal solution

you can use a herbal solution made of dandelion and viola and thus eliminate the toxins from your body. When you consume it, you can also kill bacteria in your body that cause sebaceous cysts. You can use this remedy in two methods:
method 1:
find a herbal mix made of dandelion and viola and boil one bag of it into four cups of water. When the boiling is done, cook for another 45 minutes. You should consume this herbal solution three to four times daily, at least eight to ten days, until you get the desired results. By consumption of this herbal solution, you also reduce the risk of further sebaceous cysts development.
Method 2:
You can use this herbal solution for washing the sebaceous cyst and eliminate the infecting bacteria and accelerate the healing process.

13. Colloidal silver

this is an efficient remedy that reduces inflammations and boosts the immune system. It reduces the risk of infections and it triggers the flow of lymphatic fluids in the body. You should apply it directly on the cysts in order to cure it.

14. Lugol’s iodine

this is a home remedy that is easily available in almost all grocery stores. Make a solution from this Lugol’s iodine and apply it on the cyst using clean cotton. Repeat this two to three times a day if you want better results.
Note: watch your clothes and avoid them get in contact with the iodine solution because it will leave stains on them.

15. Potassium iodine

this treatment for healing sebaceous cysts is pretty simple and it removes infections. Place some potassium iodine on the sebaceous cyst topically, two to three times per day and watch the cyst gradually shrink.

16. Bee pollen

the bee pollen is a natural blood cleanser and that is why it is used for healing different skin conditions. You can treat pimples, acne, sebaceous cysts, boils and much more skin issues using the bee pollen. It is made of pollen, bee propolis and royal jelly. You can eat the bee pollen or you can take pollen pills or tablets if you want to get rid of the sebaceous cysts.

17. Black blood root salve

this product is completely natural and efficient when it comes to treating sebaceous cysts. When applied topically, it helps in drawing the poisons from under the skin to the surface, getting thus rid of them. After you apply the salve on the cyst, cover it with clean bandage and remove it after two days. Until then, the cyst is going to be gone already.
However, besides these home remedies, there are some homeopathic remedies that are also efficient in removing the sebaceous cysts.
  • Sebaceous Cyst Homeopathic Remedies
  • Bromium
  • Kali bromium
  • Sulfur
  • Graphites
  • Agaricus muscarius
  • Spongia tosta
  • Thuja occidentalis
  • Ammonium carbonicum
  • Baryta carbonica
  • Nitric Acid
  • Calcarea carbonica
  • Conium
  • Silicea
  • Hepar sulphuris
  • Kali carbonicum
  • Mezereum
  • Sabina

Tips To Prevent Sebaceous Cyst

Even though harmless, sebaceous cysts are inconvenient because they are visible and they are not aesthetic. It would be for the best if you prevented them instead of treating. Here are some tips how to prevent them:
  1. use creams for reducing inflammations and infections
  2. improve your immune system by consuming natural antibiotics and stimulate your lymphatic flow
  3. eat garlic, dandelion, red clover, barberry, yellow dock. These ingredients purify the blood and prevent sebaceous cysts
  4. eat healthy, take in enough nutrients, vitamins etc.
  5. drink water in great quantities and eliminate the toxins from your body
  6. do not squeeze the cysts, let them drain naturally
  7. clean the affected area with an antibacterial soap
  8. take in more fibers, fruits, especially citruses, whole grains and vegetables, especially leafy ones, thus improve your immune and digestive system
  9. if you get sebaceous cysts on your breast eat food rich in fiber, and it they start growing, consult your doctor right away
  10. if your cysts become painful, consult your doctor and prevent further complications
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