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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Here’s What Your Heart Line Reveals About Your Life!

In order to find out what the heart line on your palm actually says about your love life, you need to look at the red line on these photos and compare them with the lines on your right palm.
Here’s What your Heart Line Reveals About your Life!
This will depend on how long your heart line is which begins near the middle of your hand at the edge of your palm and ends toward the pinkie finger.
Type 1
If your heart line begins below your middle finger, you are born to be a leader! You have a strong desire for success, you’re highly intelligent, and have a lot of good qualities when it comes to judgement and making decisions. You may appear insensitive towards other people’s feelings and often cold-hearted.
Type 2
If your heart line begins between the forefinger and the middle finger, you are very nice and kind person. Although you are very suspicious of others, they have faith in you. When it comes to making decisions you are very determined.
Type 3
If your heart line begins below the forefinger, you belong to Type 1.
Type 4
If your heart line begins between the forefinger and the thumb, which means you are mild-mannered and thoughtful person. You’re the person with big ideas and compassionate one.

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