Sunday, December 27, 2015

What are the risks of wearing a bra? While the bra was originally designed to hold the breasts in place, it turns out there are some science-backed reasons why wearing a bra can be dangerous.

Research has been done on the positive and negative effects of bra wearing. Done by Jean Dennis Rouillion, a professor and sports science researcher out of the University of Franche-Comte, she studied 330 women aged 18-35, over the course of 15 years. All women had been wearing bras from an early age. The results were pretty startling.
For one, the bra didn’t do anything for real support. Nor did it aid in sagging prevention. It didn’t even promote the reduction of back pain. All important elements for bra wearing, at least one had thought.
What actually was discovered was that the breasts ended up sagging more, while women who stopped wearing bras toward the end of the study experienced a 7mm lift in the nipples.
The thinking is that the bras actually interrupt blood circulation. Women not wearing bras will experience increased collagen resulting in better elasticity. So it turns out going bra free actually improves breast conditions.
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