Thursday, November 19, 2015

New parents should be especially careful when it comes to people handling your newborn.

The baby is extra prone to germs and you want to make sure they avoid being handled too much, otherwise something serious could happen. Case in point, when Claire and her husband had their baby Brooke, they allowed someone to hold her and even kiss her. It almost cost Brooke her life.
Brooke’s face began to look very unsettling a day after having family over to visit and greet the newborn.
The baby’s lips were swollen and her face covered with cold sores.
They rushed Brooke to emergency. Turns out a relative with a cold sore kissed baby Brooke, and as she is under one year of age, she cannot fight off herpes simplex virus.
Thankfully they got the baby to the hospital in time and Brooke was able to be treated. No internal organs were damaged and she turned out alright.
This should serve as a big reminder to parents on the importance of not having your baby be exposed to people who may be harboring germs or who have cold sores. Be vigilant as it is your baby’s life which could be at risk!
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