Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Note: some viewers may find this video disturbing!
Some things are hard to reveal to those around us when they happen. Sometimes you may lack the words expressing them or fear from affecting those you have to tell the news. Take for instance, informing your young one that the baby you were expecting did not make it. Where do you start from?
A newborn passed away at the hospital while the mother was going through labor. Though the parents were full of grief with the happening, they faced a big challenge ahead of them- how they could reveal the news to their little boy. This was the first time Dad had faced a situation like that and the way the little boy reacted made him shed tears!
You have to watch this video to see what the parents tell the young boy to come into terms with the actual situation. Though touching, their conversation is enough to show you how loving this family is and how they will miss the little one. These parents have to be given credit for the way they handled the whole situation since them courage face it as opposed to wallowing in their pain.
This is a healthy explanation for anyone you use on any day!

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