Monday, November 23, 2015

The Dating-Portal TINDER is on the rise worldwide and is already popular here in this country. Objectively scrutinised, it is something of an online catalogue for lonely hearts, where one can browse profile to profile with the swipe of a finger. But what grabs ones attention, is really unprecedented! Here are the Crème de la Crème of the most inconceivable profile pics on Tinder:
1. Lilly:
2. David:
3. Christopher:
4. Casey:
5. Grace:
6. Mae:
7. This person:
8. This person:
9. Rachel:
10: This person:
11. This person:
12. Larnce:
13. Nicholas:
14. This person:
15. This person:
16. Aaron:
17. Jake:
18. Nathan:
19. This person:
20. Brosquito:
21. This person:
22. Yassah:
13. This person:
14. Andy:
25. This person:
26. This person:
27. This person:
28. Nicholas:
29. Brandon (???):
These photos are so abysmally bad, that they're also amazing. But quite seriously: what must be going on upstairs for these people to present themselves like this to the world!? Doesn't matter, it's not our problem! At least we have something to giggle and chuckle about.

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