Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pleasing a woman centers all around the mighty cl*toris.

Whether you pleasure the clit-body from the outside, inside or both, this is the key to ultimate orgasm. Many women prefer both, and some women don’t realize that they actually can be stimulated simultaneously.
We can just focus on clitoris stimulation as a whole, and not hem and haw over v*ginal, clitoral, or even “G-Spot” pleasuring. It was determined back in the seventies (from the famous Master and Johnson’s research) that all orgasms were based on clitoris stimulation. While this was well established, the v*ginal stimulation model was hard to shake and even today people believe that simply thrusting oneself in a v*gina is the superior form of orgasm. For the male it provides a “quickie”, but for women it’s definitely not superior, and many times not even pleasurable in the orgasmic sense.
Stimulating the “G-spot” is a form of indirect clitoris stimulation. The urethral sponge fills with blood, becomes erect when stimulated by pressure being applied to the ceiling of the v*gina. V*ginal orgasm is also indirect clitoris stimulation. The erectile tissue of the legs and bulbs fill up with blood and during v*ginal thrusting from a penis, dildo, or fingers and becomes erect for up to 30 minutes or more.
What about mental considerations? Love? Romance? The idea of romantic love has been ingrained into young women’s minds from early on. In turn, this has become a huge sexual fantasy for many women. Finding, and fornicating, with the Prince Charming figure.
While fantasy may be playing out mentally, physically many women simply are not turned on before having s*x. There’s usually a bit of clitoris stimulation be it from rubbing, fingering or tongue play, but as soon as the guy feels the woman is getting wet, he dives right in and it’s wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Foreplay is all but lost and the reality that a woman’s erection takes 20-30 minutes of proper clitoris stimulation goes unacknowledged.
The big culprit as well is premature ejaculation. In order for women to achieve proper clitoris stimulation, the man needs to learn how to last long enough, thus controlling his ejaculation. This requires significant effort on his part, as it entails much practice to obtain strong control. Mental and physical exercises need to be employed to reverse the practice of ejaculating too quickly.
There is also the issue with many women not really knowing their body and their preferences for getting off. Much of this seems to be due to the absence of early masturbation during childhood. With men, it is usually an accepted thing that at some point during boyhood they discovered how to masturbate. But with women, it’s not nearly as accepted or talked about. Thus women lost out on discovering early on certain orgasmic patterns and what makes their body feel good during stimulation.
What’s the bottom line? Women take much longer to get off than males, this we know. They need a good 20-30 minutes of clitoral stimulation. A combination of women learning what stimulates them best, along with extended foreplay, and very importantly – premature ejaculation prevention – needs to be put into place for enjoyable, clitoral stimulating s*x to be had.
We now have the heinous job of s*xually educating a world that’s under the influence of violence with militant religions and corporations intent on dominating the world. There are still some of us that hope that mankind will wage peace instead of war. If not, women will have to take over before we can embrace the Pleasure Principal with Equal Rights and Orgasms for all.
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