Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The first quick reaction and on time detection are key to the treatment for almost all disease, including those of intimate body parts. One of the most common problems among women is undoubtedly irritation of the intimate parts; therefore I made a short guide which can help you to respond effectively to treat this problem.
Vaginal Irritation and the Treatment !

If the irritation is external
Change you underwear regularly. The intimate parts are very sensitive to excessive moisture. Keep the dryness by wearing only cotton underwear. It helps in the absorption of excess moisture, unlike synthetics.
If this does not succeed
You can try to help by applying some kind of vaginal cream for infections. The frequent wiping or long-term intercourses can lead to irritation of the delicate skin of the vagina. In this case it could help baby powder or baby vitamin cream that soothe the redness.
If this does not succeed
Maybe you have a fungal infection, accompanied by unpleasant itching and thick white secretion. In this situation you should try cream for vaginal fungus or vaginal capsules.
If this does not succeed
Call your doctor immediately and make an appointment. The gynecologist will also help you determine the correct diagnosis and appropriate therapy.
If is inner infection
If you had excluded the possibility of external irritation and you still feel tingling, itching and even pain go and see a doctor. Maybe it’s a urinary infection, or vaginal infection caused quite by a third factor. Early detection will greatly facilitate the treatment, and if you neglect the problem it can escalate and cause serious consequences to your intimate health.
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