Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We all know how it is: school started, the Holidays are coming, your bones are aching, and somehow you just can't get out of the house because of, well, IT'S COLD! I get it. So, now you have no costume for Halloween and it's just 2 weeks away. But luckily, we've put together 21 of the best ideas for people who need some last minute inspiration. They cost almost nothing and can be made in no time. Let's get whimsical!
1.Grab some Styrofoam balls, kraft paper, and a headband and you've got an adorable little snail.

Oh Happy Day
2. A sharpie and a disaffected look is all you need for this one.

3. The naked truth.

Deviantart / KayKatastr0phe
4. Some poster board (for the leaves) and a ribbon will make this costume come to fruition!

5. Got a broken umbrella laying around? Make this fly bat costume!

6. Insta-nerd. IQ not included. All you need are some suspenders and tape for your glasses!

7. Black hoodie and tape are all you need to be Wyldstyle from the LEGO movie!
8. WILSON! Grab some popsicle sticks and a floppy hat and you'll be everyone's favorite neighbor.

9. You can do it! With just a bandana and a collared shirt you'll be Rosie the Riveter.

Camille Styles
10. It's electric! Glue some socks onto your shirt and you're some serious static cling.

Instagram / chelseaarlene91
11. Whig, tiara, and of course Mountain Dew and you're Honey Boo Boo.

12. Get lost with this easy Where's Waldo? costume. All you need is a striped shirt and a red beanie.

13. Put on all white clothing and draw a stickman with some electrical tape.

All For The Boys
14. An XXXL will put those sibling rivalries to rest.

15. Your little black dress could use some upgrading. Here it's just some glued-on trimming and a tassel necklace!

wear the canvas
16. Hulk-ify your tights by dying them green with Kool-Aid.

if you give a girl a needle
17. Have a black dress? Great! Just add some skull makeup and you'll be the Bride of the Dead.

18. A striped shirt, a mask, and some electrical tape on a tote bag make you the perfect partners in crime.
19. The trick here is to get all 50 shades of grey right.

20. Glue some nickels onto you're back and you're sure to scare everyone by being Nickelback.

Instagram / @jessicazoe21
21. Flannel, a roll of Brawny, and a beard (preferably natural) and you're the Brawny Man. Women be afraid!

Wow, I was really starting to panic that I'd have NOTHING for Halloween. But after seeing these 21 brilliant last-minute costumes I'm overflowing with ideas!

Help inspire your friends and make this Halloween memorable by SHARING these ideas with everyone you know. Halloween shouldn't be uninspired!