Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The trend has already arrived in Hollywood: short hair instead of a curly mane! But, it's hard to tell if it'll look as good on you as on the face of some super star. That's why all who are playing with the thought of giving themselves a modern bob cut can breathe.  This simple test will tell you immediately if you deserve a green light at the next visit to the hair salon or if you should leave it as it is.

 According to the magazine "Elle," this test was developed by the hair expert John Frieda.It's simple: the length of your jaw bone determines whether short hair will look attractive or not. To take the test you simply hold a pencil under your chin and then measure the distance between your ear and the pencil. If it's less than 2.25", you can immediately call the hairdresser! If the number is greater than 2.25, you should give it another thought.
If you take a look at some celebrities with this new knowledge, you'll see that they've probably done this simple test too before letting the stylist close - or not at all!

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