Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No matter if they are best friends to the tight dresses or white pants; there are at least 8 reasons when you should wear regular cotton underwear instead of thongs.

8 Situations when you Should not Wear a Thong !

  1. You are choosing thong of synthetic fabric
Your intimate parts are not so happy when you are reaching to synthetic fabrics. The synthetic fabric keeps the moisture longer and not allows the vagina to breathe which is the main cause for some kind of serious infections. If you must wear thong choose a cotton one.
  1. You wear all day exercising clothes
Tight cloths like leggings also prevent the circulation of air. If you add thongs to this combination than you have created an ideal environment for bacteria. Therefore, when you are exercising or you are whole day in tight leggings, chose to wear cotton underwear or if is necessary always have spare pair in your backpack.
  1. When you have any kind of infection
If by chance you are treating some fungi infection or bacteria, the first thing that need to give up are thongs.
  1. When you are pregnant 
During pregnancy, the intimate parts are particularly sensitive, and therefore in this case it is best to go for cotton underwear.
  1. When you are not maintain regular hygiene
Daily washing the vagina with soap which is pH neutral double reduces the chances of infection. If it does not, and you constantly wear thongs then expect unpleasant symptoms at any time.
  1. When you are using perfumed showering gels
Gynecologists advised to keep away from these products, but if you really can not do without them, then it would be the best not to combine them with thong panties.
  1. When you are sick
That’s mean that your immune system is vulnerable, which increases the risk of infections.
  1. When you choose a swimsuit
Always wear boxers, because that is the only way to protect you from bacteria which can be found in the bathing suit while trying. By wearing thong panties you are on risk to return home with a number of new bacteria.
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