Friday, October 30, 2015

Moritz the cat was little Marco’s best friend, who at that time was 16 and living in northern Germany. Marco always wanted to have a cat as a pet and when he received the cute little kitten, he thought his life was perfect.
The two were inseparable and Moritz always slept next to Marcos. They spent 3 long and joyous years together and were best friends.

Flickr/Alice Rosen
In 2002, Marco’s parents went on vacation- He stayed at home to look after his best friend, Moritz. The morning before the flight, Moritz did not come for breakfast as he usually did. However, Marco wasn’t worried, “He always comes back at some point,” he said to his mother on the phone.
But, unfortunately, this time that was not the case. He never returned home again. For Marco, who had had the cat since it was a kitten, this was a tragedy. He had lost his best friend. He feared for Moritz’s life: what if something had happened to him? What if he had been hurt?
The boy began a desperate search for his beloved feline friend. He put up notices, signs, and searched all over the town. But Moritz was nowhere to be found. Finally, after a long and fruitless search, Marco gave up. He was devastated as he faced life without his best friend.

Flickr/Alice Rosen
But then, a miracle happened. 12 years later Marco’s mother found a message on the answering machine. The message was from an animal shelter which by scanning the cat’s micro chip had found out that the cat was Moritz! Who had been lost for 12 long years.
When the found Moritz he was in a sad shape. He was starving and living on the streets. When Marco learned of Moritz’s sudden appearance, his heart began to beat rapidly, and with an indescribable flood of emotion he and his family immediately to the animal shelter to pick up his beloved cat, Moritz.
Marco was ecstatic to see his best friend again.
But the poor animal had to be nursed back to health first, as he was found with matted fur and weighed under 7 pounds. But Marco was up for the challenge; the most important thing for him was that Moritz was back in his life.
“We hope she recovers her strength again,” Marco said with tears of joy in his eyes, having found his friend again after so many years.

Flickr/Alice Rosen

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