Monday, September 7, 2015

It happens that sometimes you just hate to take a shower. Women often skip the washing of their hair – they’ll do a ponytail or put their hair in a bun as a cover-up, because they primarily care about the aesthetic side.
When you return home late at night, you start whining about putting on make-up in the first place and then you have to remove it.
You Don’t Shower Every Day or Wash Your Hair Regularly .Here’s what you’re doing to Your Body!
But experts have explained what can happen to you if you skip all of the above – stated Women’s Health.
– If after a workout you sweat and then don’t change your clothes, this can lead to serious skin irritation, as well as bruising and scratches – this is how the skin looks like without you knowing from where you got those bruises and scratches – says Dr. Holly Phillips.
She points out that this could lead to the development of fungal and bacterial infections. If you sometimes just do not have time to take a shower, be sure to change your clothes!
There was a research that leads to devastating results – four out of five women do not shower every day! That is not good for the skin, so listen to the advice of Dr. Holly Phillips. When it comes to some kind of training, she advises never to skip bathing, but what about the hair?
– If you do not wash your hair every two or three days per week it will inevitably accumulate grease and grime – says stylist George Rajlender and on top of that your hair takes on an unpleasant odor and unsightly appearance.
Did you know that if you don’t wash your hair regularly it will cause tangling and splitting of the ends?
When you decide to wash your hair you do that on your own terms and it depends on the type of hair, but if you wash it after five days that’s too much. On the other hand, if you go to sleep with make-up on sometimes, it will not have major adverse effects, except for the accumulation of dead skin cells – explains Adriana Martino, a doctor of aesthetic and laser surgery.
– If you fall asleep with your make-up on quite frequently don’t be surprised if your skin starts aging prematurely. This usually happens due to the makeup, because the skin cannot recover and build new cells and also discard the dead ones, which leads to wrinkles and the skin becomes darker as well – she said.
During the night the skin regenerates actively, and if you then close your skin pores you will most likely notice blackheads and pimples. Mascara may not look so dangerous, because it is only applied on the eyelashes, but sleeping with it has terrible consequences – you can lose your eyelashes!
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