Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Breanna Mendoza, 14-year-old girl from Turlock, California, was born with a rare facial deformity condition called Goldenhar syndrome. Because of her condition, Breanna was bullied all the time in her school. She was struggling a lot with the harassment but things worsened much more once she got to 8th grade.  Her classmates who she thought were her friends started calling her with cruel names and posting mean comments about her on social media. She was afraid all the time to get beaten up by her schoolmates that she decided to take her own life to end the pain she felt when people mocked and harassed her.
“I felt like I was hopeless, like I had no other reason to be alive. So I had sent a few text messages to my friends, saying, ‘I’m sorry, goodbye, that I care about you guys,'” Breanna said.
Breanna’s mother couldn’t stand that her daughter was bullied aggressively and decided to pull her daughter out of the school.
Breanna’s story went viral after a local news station shared it. Heather Marshall, a local photographer heard the story and was very touched by it. She wanted to do something special for Brianna to support her.
Breanna got to live a very special and happy day thanks to her parents and Marshall. She looked happy, shinning and beautiful!
“I saw your story and I just wanted to let you know if you would like to come and have a photo shoot, I have friends that would help do hair and makeup,” said the photographer Marshall

“I didn’t want her to think that the hair and makeup being done meant that she’s not already pretty, that was a concern I had — that she’d think the hair and makeup was what made her pretty. Makeup doesn’t make you pretty, but it might help make her feel pretty,” the photographer added
Breanna was all over the moon about the surprise, she absolutely loved it!
“I’m like speechless right now, oh my God, I love this,” she said.
Breanna’s parents were thrilled to see her daughter so happy!
“It’s like all those awful emotions I had felt when I heard she had been passing notes about killing herself and all the bullying I had seen on social media, it all disappears, it becomes so small because everything that everyone is doing is so big,” her mom told ABC News 10
“I definitely got a piece back that I lost inside, I definitely got that piece of happiness back,” Breanna said
This girl is an absolute inspiration!
Watch her full interview here:

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