Thursday, September 24, 2015

Can you believe it? This Man claims that he is born in 1835 .

Mahashata Murasi from India, who lives in Varanasi, in the North India, becomes famous to the public with his claim that he is 179 years old.

Allegedly, Murasi claims that he is born in Bangalore on 6 of January 1835, and he has documents that actually can confirm.
Whole life this old man has worked as shoes maker, actually until 1957, when at the age of 122 years he retired.
  • Maybe the angel of death has forgotten me – says Murasi, and the “World Bulletin” has published his story. Murasi claims that he lived so long that he has outlived his grandchildren’s grandchildren.
This old man has no serious heath issues, and to be more bizarre as it sounds his last doctor died in the 1971.
If it turned out that the Murasi’s age is true, the scientists could use him to discover the secret of longevity.
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