Saturday, August 29, 2015

WDBJ-TV was in the middle of a interview with a woman at Bridgewater Plaza, when a man, now identified as Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee Flanagan opened fire killing both news reporter Allison Parker, 24 as well as cameraman Adam Ward, on live television.
vester lee flanagan, bryce williams
Later reports indicated that police chased Vester through I-81 and revealed that he was a disgruntled employee for the news station.
The chase lead to the suspect attempting to kill himself, but is currently in critical condition. Vester Lee Flanagan reportedly faxed in a 23 page document to the news station between yesterday and today that has yet to be publicized.
The following videos are highly graphic, and viewer discretion is advised.
Here is the footage of the shooting from the news station:

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