Monday, August 24, 2015

Thousands of women from all over the world have suddenly began posting pictures of their naked thighs. With all the stretch marks, cellulite and scars. And all this because of one woman. A 21-year-old blogger who calls herself Princess Labia. She started the global trend with the hashtag: #thighreading.
“I was just sitting on the couch with my legs crisscrossed and I was just looking at my stretch marks,” tells the actor from New York .“[Stretch marks are] so frickin’ normal, but because we never see any images in the media that are not photoshopped or altered in some way, [we] feel the way the way we look is not normal, when we’re the normal ones,” she finishes. 
So she decided to call on women to post pictures of their legs across the social media stratosphere. The reaction is overpowering!


Women from all around the world aren’t just posting photos of their legs, but also the stories behind all the marks and scars: self-harm, survived illnesses or diseases, births, weight loss. And all because they are proud of their bodies - especially because they are not perfect.

“It helps me so much!” writes one woman. “I didn’t realize how many girls had stretch marks like this. Now I feel like a normal person.”

twitter/stacey newman
“It spoke to me immediately because you only see these perfect legs in the media that are all photoshopped,” rejoices another woman on Twitter. “Every line on my body shows how much I have grown. There is nothing wrong with stretch marks!”


What a wonderful and inspiring campaign, teaching women all over the world to love and accept their own bodies. And indeed with all the marks, bumps, and scars - for EVERYONE has them and they simply belong to YOU. If these photos also impressed you, then SHARE them with your friends!