Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When you decide to get married to someone who already has a child, you really need to make sure you not only love your spouse to be, but you love the child that you are going to be parenting as well.
Far too many times people go into marriage without giving this enough attention, and the consequences can be very negative for the child. This was not the case here. This is a wonderful story about a guy who did things the right way. He not only proposed to his girlfriend, he also proposed to his girlfriend’s daughter to make sure she would also accept him as his mother’s partner. And he pulled the whole thing off in epic fashion.

It’s one of the sweetest proposals I’ve ever seen, and especially for all the single parents out there, it will make you cry!
Derrick Kaiklian wanted to marry his girlfriend Jessica, but instead of just proposing to her, he wanted to do something truly unconventional: propose to her daughter Gianna, as well.
Derrick told his girlfriend Jessica and her daughter Gianna that they were going to do a photoshoot for her birthday..
Derrick Kaiklian proposal
He rented a gondola and the three of them set out on the water.
Derrick Kaiklian proposal 9
Passing under a bridge, a crowd of family members were spotted above.
Derrick Kaiklian proposal 10

The timing was now perfect to pop the special question!
Derrick Kaiklian proposal 4
As the crowd started to go wild, Derrick removed a necklace from the box for Gianna.
Derrick Kaiklian proposal 7
He then got down on one knee for the “second proposal” and Jackie to be his wife.
Derrick Kaiklian proposal 8

Watch the romantic unforgettable “two proposals” below:

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